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Information about the dragster.

Basic Information
Krister Johansson drives an A-Fuel dragster.
It runs under Top Methanol Dragster, which
are dragsters powered by supercharged v8's, driven by Methanol.
This car has a Nitromethane injected 433cui v8, with no supercharger. It is estimated to produce around 3000 bhp, and uses about 25 liters of Nitro in one run.
His best ET is 5.45 seconds on a quartermile.
He is currently the europe topspeed record holder with 261 mph.


290" wheelbase chassi made by Krister Johansson
Aluminium 43 liters fuel tank.
2.91:1 Gear ratio rear axle
Good Year 36x17.5-16 rear tires

BAE Billet Std deck block 433cui
BAE-5 A-Fuel Heads
Bryant crankshaft
BRC B-2 connecting rods
JE Pistons
Childs & Albert piston rings
Manton pushrods
Erson camshaft
Crane Cams 1" lifters
Copperhead oilpan
Hogan intake manifold
Enderle fuel injectors
KB billet oil pump
Cassel gear drive
Crower 4-disc clutch
Browill bellhouse
Lenco reverse unit
Waterman 48 gallon fuelpump
MSD-44 Mags
NGK Plugs

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